Google Assistant

The Wear OS Assistant app is your smart wearable companion app for Google Assistant that helps you stay focused, connected and entertained with Google Assistant. With a simple interface, glanceable UI and powerful voice actions, Wear OS Assistant apps are designed to make it easy to use the apps you love from your phone and on the watch while you’re on the go.

Directly from your watch, you can use voice commands to:

•Manage your time, “Start timer”, “Set alarms”, “Set reminders”
•Keep in touch with family and friends, “Start calls” , “Send a message”
•Control your smart home, “Turn on the bedroom light”
•Get answers to your questions, “Where’s the nearest coffee shop?”, “What’s the weather like today?”

In addition, you can also:

  • Get active information like weather, calendar events, departure times, and trips throughout your day by adding a new complication to your watchface (supported devices only)
  • Access frequently used accessory features on your watch by customizing accessory tiles To get

started, you’ll need a phone running the latest Google Assistant app and an active data connection. 150+ Wear OS smartwatches on the market, including the Fossil Garett HR, Suunto 7, support the Wear OS companion app.

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